Techniques to Restore Your Breakup

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If you’ve ever asked how to get your ex back, you may be puzzled as to where to start. This problem is often encounter to every single ex couple. Moreover, people also stop doing some really distressing things that endanger their chances at recovering the relationship. Luckily, this article  provides you some simple tips that we call “reverse psychology” to help you   get your ex back.



Chances are you've already heard about reverse psychology at least once in your life and have seen it demonstrated, but how does this relate to your problem and how will it help get your ex back? Well it's pretty simple: People WANT what they can't have.


Think about this for a second. If you've ever been told not to do something, what happens? You end up wanting to do it more! If you're told not to go somewhere, you want to go there more! Get the idea? Well the same analogy applies to relationships and getting your ex back. But how do you use it?


The first thing you need to do is give your ex the impression that you're over him/her and aren't interested in getting back together. If your breakup was recent, then 95% of the time this technique will work. If this is not the case, don't worry because the technique will still work. Now how do you give off the impression that you're over them?


Well you can give off this impression in several ways. You can call up the ex and casually let them know you're over the breakup and are ready to move on with your life. Even if the ex agrees with you, they will still have doubt in their mind and even more so, they will be surprised at the fact that you're over them. The human ego is very sensitive and this will undoubtedly make them think about you a lot more afterwards.


You can also let your ex see you with friends or with other people and make sure you show/give off the impression that you're not paying attention to them anymore. If they walk up to you or try to talk to you, do so. Do not ignore them, but at the same time act as if you're not interested. This will drive them nuts!


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Put yourself in their position. If your ex was doing the above things to do, would you be angry? Would you think about them more and would you want them back again? If the answer is yes, then these techniques will work for you!

Check this page out: How To Get Back With Your Ex, Opening Move. You will find a very informative video on how to use reverse psychology and get your ex back. It illustrates some very common situations ex's have and will it definitely help you make the right moves and get your ex back again!

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Techniques to Restore Your Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/04/27
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